Future of Social media marketing

Future of Social Media Marketing: 11 Things That You Need to Look Out For


The world of marketing is changing day by day. The marketing budget for the traditional forms of marketing is slowly being shifted. And it is being channeled into cheaper and efficient forms of marketing. 

It is Social Media Marketing that has emerged as the future of marketing. Every marketing professional need to skill up to stay relevant in the game. If you are ready to skill up for the demand, then read on!

 In this article, we will analyse the current and future trends in Social Media Marketing.

 From multinational corporations to small roadside shops, all are fighting to stay relevant in these changing times. With more and more people getting online, the stakeholders are fighting to get the user’s attention. The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of mobile devices to get onboard to avail services and products. This period can be considered as the inception of social media marketing of the future. 




Trends of the Future of Social Media Marketing


  • The Power of Influencers


Instead of running big banner ads and click baits across platforms, businesses are tying up with influencers with sizable audiences. 


They offer much cheaper but better ROIs. This can be a 24-hour story, a post recommendation, or a permanent post in the feed. 


For example, Kylie Jenner, the leading Instagram influencer was paid a whopping $1.2 million for a single Instagram post in 2019!!  Such advertisement surges the sale of products and is often sold out within minutes.


  • Interactive Video Content


With cheaper and increasing access to stable internet worldwide, more and more people are getting hooked on video platforms. The best example would be Tik-Tok, which took the world by storm.


Advertisements in between scrolling feeds and endorsements are gaining traction day by day. Instagram has already started rolling out features that enable the users to buy the product instantly within the app. The payment merchants are teaming up with various social media giants to reduce the time of transactions and maximize sales. 


Some apps are currently in the testing phase of using Augmented Reality (AR) to help users try on products! (Shopaholics, fund this program right now!)


  • The Social Media Cult


The creators and influencers of social media are becoming cultural icons and celebrities and they are creating local marketplaces and content for their ‘premium fans’. 


Hence the apps are transforming into a mix of marketplace and entertainment. There is a growing need for professionals who could create content for the ever-increasing demand. This is an important part of the future of social media marketing.


  • AI and Chatbots


The user queries and doubts regarding the product or services will be serviced through intelligent chatbots. They seek to minimize human intervention to solve simple queries. Thus also availing the support services 24/7, so that you won’t be left hanging even at odd hours!


  • Virtual Reality and Sensory content


Companies are the constant efforts to bring users the experience of their products virtually. They are investing in technologies that will bridge the gap of the virtual medium and enhance their product purchase experience. 


One such example is the Oculus VR by Facebook. Right now it is confined to basic games and simulation but just imagine the possibilities in a virtual environment! The company is developing an entire ecosystem based on this technology and once the time is right, it will be monetized.


  • Advanced Social Media Tools


There is a wide range of companies offering tools to improve your content for the web. Example: Sprout Social, Hootsuite


They leverage the data available from the existing users and tailor your content for them. The recent trends include giants such as Facebook and Twitter incorporating such tools for free into their business accounts. This makes it easy for even local businesses to utilize them for their liking. But still, many prefer the good old Google Analytics for tracking the ROI.


  • New Free Features


The current generation which uses social media has a profile in almost all prominent apps. The app developers are constantly innovating and adding new features to get the users to stay hooked to them. What may be implemented for the users can be used by social media marketers to leverage their products and services. 


  • More Paid Advertisements


The reach-through organic growth is declining day by day in all social media sites. The best example is Facebook.


This is the case unless you get lucky with some viral post. The relevance of paid ads is growing every day, as the social media giants have the right data of the target audience. And it has been proven that social media paid ads to give the most return on investment in the history of marketing.


This means that more users are going to shell out money to extend the reach of their businesses. And that means they need the expertise of social media marketers for the same!


  • Email Marketing is Still the King


The classic marketing technique that originated when the Internet was born, is still going to stay relevant for many years to come. 


For all those marketers who are faced with the daunting task of collecting relevant emails, social media has come as a blessing. The ease with which firms can push forms to collect emails, and in return for free service/product is on the rise right now. 


Those people who are sceptical about the need for investment in social media marketing can be shown the sheer volume of email lists that can be prepared from a social media campaign.


  • The Power of Story Telling


This is a generation of people with a few seconds of attention span. And all brands are competing for a piece of it. The only way to stay relevant is to post compelling stories of your brand and not by the volume of content.


Many companies rarely understand the concept of selling without selling, but those who make use of this strategy are the ones who will make it big in the market!


  • Relationships and Community Building


Relationship building would be the absolute necessity to keep the customers loyal to the brand. This includes even the big brands replying to the comments in their post without any kind of inhibition. The impression gained by the user will translate into some sort of future engagement or a possible sale of the product.




It is widely said that social media is still in its infancy. Many more social media companies are going to pop up to engage the user differently. It may even dethrone some of the heavyweights in the space right now. Thus a marketer/company who stays ahead of the curve with the growing technologies that are transforming the social media space will be the dominant player of the game.


More and more companies are coming aboard the social media space, without even spending a single penny on the traditional marketing techniques. Thus social media marketing of the future is growing to be the number one form of marketing. 


So keep in mind these pointers if you are starting with your social media career! 











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